Shanghai, November 5-10, 2018

Shanghai, November 5-10, 2018

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) will take place in Shanghai on November 5-10, 2018. The Expo is China’s invitation to governments, businesses, exhibitors and professional purchasers all over the world to participate in the importing of goods and services to satisfy fast growing consumer markets. Those who want to participate are welcome to register through CCBC.


The commercial exhibition area will host exporters to China in sectors including Consumer Electronics and Appliances; Apparel, Accessories and Consumer Goods; Automobile; High-end Intelligent Equipment; Food and Agricultural Products, Medical Equipment and Medical Care Products; and Trade in Services. Services include Tourism, Emerging Technologies (IT, Environment, Biotech, IP), Culture and Education; Creative Design; and Services Outsourcing.


CCBC will facilitate and support registration for Canadian companies, organizations, or agencies wanting to participate in the CIIE commercial exhibition.

CCBC will assist companies in registering for the Expo, connecting you with authorized resources at the Expo (such as booth decoration), and coordinating the Canadian commercial presence as the scope of Canada’s participation becomes clear. CCBC will also serve as a connection point to the country pavilion to be organized by the Government of Canada.


CCBC is a strong supporter of Brand Canada and recognizes this as a prime opportunity for members and potential members who want to secure their future growth by seeking greater economic opportunities in the Chinese market to meet and connect with top Chinese and international import decision makers at the CIIE.


Registration is now closed.
For more information about Canadian activities at and around CIIE, please contact Joy Zheng at CIIE[at]


How do I register?

Registration is now closed.
For more information about Canadian activities at and around CIIE, please contact Joy Zheng at CIIE[at]

How do I know if I'm qualified to attend the CIIE?

First, please check the restricted and prohibited lists from China customs and CIIE.

You must guarantee that the products exhibited are produced in countries or regions other than Mainland China, and that the percentage of materials used in the manufacturing of the final products that originated Mainland China cannot be not higher than 35%.

Also, please refer to this document, Four Categories of Articles Banned from Entry during the China International Import Expo, for additional information.

Which categories of articles are banned from entry during the CIIE?
How much does a booth cost?

The standard booth costs US$2,400 and is 9 m². Larger booths are available upon request. For raw space greater than 500 m², a 10% discount is applied.

What size are the booths?

The standard booth

Wide: 9m²
Height: 6m or 8.5m

Larger booths are available upon request.

How is the standard booth decorated?

The decorating price is not included in the booth price. Vendors will be selected to decorate at an additional cost. Booths can include:

  • 4 – long-beam spotlights
  • 1 – outlet
  • 1 – high glass frame cabinet (with spotlight)
  • 1 – low cabinet
  • 3 – leveling plates
  • 1 – table
  • 4 – chairs
  • 1 – wastepaper baskets
When will the booth layout be provided?

CIIE will provide the booth layout after June 30, 2018.

What should participants budget for in regard to the booths?

Booth fee, design and construction, equipment rental (including, but not limited to, water, electricity, cable, phone, conference rooms)

Can CIIE recommend services for finance, insurance, design, transportation, and translation?

CIIE will select highly qualified service providers for exhibitors. The detailed list and contact information will be published on the CIIE official website shortly.

Could CIIE issue the Proforma Invoice accordingly to the deposit from the exhibitor signed the Intent exhibition letter?


For more information, please contact Joy Zheng at CIIE[at]