Governments and Public Sector Agencies

How do I demonstrate my government’s commitment to Canada-China business, trade and investment?


How can I interest Chinese investors in investing and doing more business in my jurisdiction?


How do I help companies in my jurisdiction to trade and invest in China?


How do I work with partners and like-minded agencies to promote companies in my jurisdiction?

CCBC works with all levels of Canadian government in Canada. By becoming a member, you affirm the importance of China to your economic growth strategy and you encourage the private sector to expand and grow business, trade, and investment with China. CCBC and its government members collaborate to inform and assist businesses in their jurisdictions to succeed in China.

A CCBC membership offers the following:


  • Any department within a government member can be active in CCBC
  • In municipalities where export development and investment attraction are separate, all relevant agencies are welcome
  • For cities and municipalities, executives of your local chamber of commerce can be active under your membership
  • Provincial investment attraction and economic development agencies enjoy the same privileges
  • Access to CCBC’s member services, support, advice and Business Incubation Centre platform


When a company or organization from your jurisdiction joins the CCBC and mentions you as a referrer on the membership application, CCBC will accrue 10 percent of its first year’s membership fee to a pool that your agency can use over the next 12 months for CCBC services such as:


  • Travel costs for CCBC executives to speak at your events or meetings
  • Service fees for organization of events on your behalf in Canada or China
  • Service fees for assistance with meetings or delegations in Canada or China


All members receive priority notification of key events, seminars and missions, CCBC’s Annual General Meeting and Policy Conference, coaching, mentoring sessions as well as networking opportunities with other members of the Canadian community in China.

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