CCBC’s professional staff in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Beijing, and Shanghai are invaluable resources for Council members in Canada and China. From developing innovative events to connecting members to China’s senior government officials and business leaders, CCBC’s staff are business facilitators, catalysts and passionate advocates in Canada and China.

Corporate Headquarters

CCBC’s head office, located in Toronto, Canada, manages all administration, communications, and accounting.  >>

Beijing Chapter

The Beijing Chapter organizes missions and delegations; offers business incubation services; local networking events and expert advice on working in China.  >>

Ontario Chapter

The Ontario office serves the needs and interests of our vast membership base in Ontario. The Chapter organizes networking events, and coordinates incoming Chinese delegations.  >>

Shanghai Chapter

CCBC’s Shanghai office coordinates numerous Canadian missions across the country; offers business incubation services; organizes local networking events and offers services to members in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone.  >>

Quebec Chapter

Opened in 2011, CCBC’s Montreal office serves the Council’s growing membership base, offers business incubation services and organizes business sessions, luncheons and networking events.  >>

British Columbia Chapter

CCBC’s office in Vancouver has been serving the needs and interests of members in British Columbia since 1994.  >>

Prairies Chapter

Opened in 2013, CCBC’s Calgary office serves the needs and interests of our membership base in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The Chapter also offers business incubation services and organizes local networking events.  >>

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