Expanding and Deepening Business in China

Stage 4

The fast pace of change means that no company is ever fully established. There are always opportunities for expansion or challenges to resolve. CCBC helps members over the long term.


Accelerate My Presence

Your expansion into China can be slowed by applications and approvals. CCBC’s Business Incubation Centres in Shanghai and Beijing give you a place to land your early employees until your own presence is set up:


  • Cubicle space in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Closed office space in Beijing
  • Options for employee hiring


$1000 per month for cubicle space; more for doored offices (+ taxes)
Staff cost depends on level of experience.


Learn more about our Business Incubation Centres   >> 

Help Solve My Problem

Even well-established companies run into issues in China. CCBC can help when you encounter the inevitable bumps in the road with:


  • Assistance with resolving business problems and issues, government, legal, contracts, regulations, and approvals
  • May include CCBC activities designed to approach the problem from a different angle


Members only. Price ranges from free for small problems to time and/or travel for larger ones.

Local Government Scan

Local government relations are important. You need to know who are the relevant officials and how they are evaluated. Ensure key departments know about your company’s presence by taking advantage of CCBC's local government scan that includes:


  • Summary of key local government officials in city of interest
  • Stated local priorities and five-year plan goals
  • Assessment of your firm’s presence/investment compared to other foreign firms
  • Introduction (where needed) to key officials

Time and travel costs vary by city. Please contact your local chapter director for more information.



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