Evaluating China

Stage 1 - Exploration

Is China right for you?
What role does it play in your value chain?
Should you be sourcing from or selling into China?
How does China impact your clients?


Market Scan

CCBC will provide you with a one-to-two page overview of your market in China including:


  • A list of potential companies active in that market worthy of attention
  • News or announcements on policies and regulations
  • Relevant articles


CCBC members: free
Non-CCBC members: $500 (+ taxes)

China E-Commerce Assessment

CCBC will provide you with an overview of the e-commerce landscape for your product and recommend how to proceed with your digital marketing and e-commerce strategies. CCBC will create a brief report that shows the:


  • Demand metrics for your product
  • Load-time test reports (if you have a Chinese website)


In addition, CCBC will provide you with a session on suggestions for a China digital roadmap strategy.


CCBC members: free

Map the Competition

Firms not doing business in China need to understand how Chinese firms may be expanding to core markets in the coming years. This analysis looks at key Chinese competitors including:


  • Who are the key Chinese competitors in your industry?
  • What is their level of international expansion?
  • Are they investing or partnering overseas?
Find a Supplier

CCBC will provide a report that identifies up to five suppliers for a project or product, with a short summary of services as well as contact details. It is important to note that how you structure the request is also very important as the process uses databases and how they are searched and how good the information is depends on the accuracy of the request.


CCBC members: $650 (+ taxes)
Non-CCBC members: $1,000 (+ taxes)

Office Assistance

CCBC can provide you with a short-term alternative to a staffed office in China before you set up your own. We offer:


  • Temporary assignment of CCBC executives to represent your firm at trade shows or market investigation activities, or
  • Virtual office space in China, including:
  • Mailing address and phone number for your company in Beijing or Shanghai
  • Access to conference room during trips to China
  • Voicemail service with remote access from Canada
  • Option to rent a desk for shorter periods for traveling staff members


Temporary assignment: based on time and nature of service
Virtual Office: $300 per month (+ taxes)



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