Building a China Strategy

Stage 2

Every company needs a China strategy, even if it’s a defensive one.
CCBC’s services can aid in strategy development.


Market Exploration Assistance

CCBC will hire a dedicated staff person, on a one-year assignment, to represent you while you explore the market and meet your goals*. This includes:


  • One year assignment of a specialist that CCBC hires to help you meet your goals, whether it be business development, partner evaluation, etc.*
  • Cubicle in our Business Incubation Centre (Beijing and/or Shanghai)
  • Provide assistance to hire the best person
  • HR administration
  • Oversight of employee who reports to you

Space: 5000 RMB per month (paid in Canada)
Personnel: Salary and benefits plus 15% administration fee

*Note: Employee must engage in liaison activities, which include conducting research, promoting the foreign company, and coordinating the foreign company’s China activities. Other activities are allowed as long as they do not make a profit or intend to make a profit.

Train My Team

Avoid surprises with a reliable review of cultural differences before a business relationship begins. Training prior to a trip, a negotiation, or even while in a business relationship helps your executives perform better.


CCBC offers cultural training including:

  • Chinese business culture presentation (1 hour)
  • Additional cross-cultural team training available

Core presentation is free for members, plus travel costs.
Please call for non-CCBC member rates.

Polish My Pitch

Whether you are selling your product to China or seeking investors, you need a pitch that works. Language and culture differences can prevent your message from being interpreted accurately. CCBC’s experts help companies refine their pitch for maximum effectiveness. This service includes: 


  • 30-minute background briefing with CCBC staff
  • Referral to a CCBC Expert, including meeting setup and PPT transfer
  • One-hour session with a CCBC Expert, via phone or Skype
  • Verbal summary of suggested improvements from CCBC Expert
  • Assistance with post-meeting translation referrals

CCBC members: free
Non-CCBC members: $500 (+ taxes)


CCBC Experts >>

Fill My China Toolbox

Every successful company has a “toolbox” of resources for different stages of development. Having such relationships early means ready access to help when you need it. CCBC’s Fill-Your-Toolbox program gives a company new to China the resources they need.


The basic package includes an assessment of your business and introduction to:


  • Relevant contacts at multiple levels of government (in Canada and China)
  • CCBC’s chapters in 6 cities
  • Financial, legal, and tax resources
  • Options for administration and/or back office support


CCBC members: free

Enhancements include participation in a trade show and support for a trip to China (additional charges apply).

Research My Market

Data on market opportunity is plentiful, but finding the right research supplier and wading through the data are challenging. CCBC will spearhead your research project and help interpret the results so you can make a decision faster.


  • Agency recommendation and negotiation
  • Oversight of project
  • “Translation” of results to make sure they are understandable and meet your needs


CCBC members: research cost +15% (+ taxes)
Non-CCBC members: please add $500 administration fee to member cost above (+ taxes)

Evaluate My Options

China presents an overwhelming number of choices. To make a decision, sometimes you need another set of eyes to evaluate your options.


CCBC can provide a:


  • Confidential review of your situation with CCBC executive or mentor
  • Q&A session to help identify missing elements, potential pitfalls, etc.


Situation specific; please call your local chapter for a quote

Partner Background Check

Due diligence on potential partners, suppliers, or distributors is essential. This assessment includes legally-searchable background and internet scans on a company to provide data to help you make an informed decision.


  • Registration information (tax numbers, shareholders, etc.)
  • History
  • Business Scope
  • Branding and certifications
  • Sales revenues
  • Number of staff
  • Public records (judgments awarded or action pending)
  • Please refer to our sample report.

Cost per report
CCBC members: $300 (+ taxes)
Non-CCBC members: $600 (+ taxes)



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