CCBC’s 2017 Canada Day Fair in Beijing

Over 60 different Canadian organizations participated in CCBC’s 2017 Canada Day Fair in Beijing. The event attracted over 2,000 on-site guests and customers and gave them the opportunity to sample and purchase Canadian food, wine, and consumer products. The Fair highlighted cooking demonstrations that featured Canadian lobster, beef, and seafood, a hockey rink, and live Canadian bands. The Fair was broadcast live across China, facilitated by Destination Canada and, and viewers could purchase everything that was presented at the Fair, from food and beverages to skin care products and high-end housewares.

CCBC Canada Day Fair in Beijing is a unique opportunity for Canadian businesses to have direct access to Chinese consumers and businesses. Whether it’s tourism, home products, food and beverages and more, the day is designed to showcase your products and attract interested buyers eager to sample, purchase, or distribute them. The live stream broadcast brings millions of additional Chinese to the event online, where they can purchase everything that is available on site. It’s a full day, packed with entertainment, activities, food and drink, and much more  – all in celebration of Canada and what we have to offer!

Watch highlights from Canada Day 2017 – where business and fun meet!

The Honourable John McCallum, Ambassador of Canada to China, talks about CCBC, celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, and CCBC’s Fair in Beijing.

CCBC’s Canada Day Fair was streamed live throughout the day. Highlights of the day show the activities and Canadian products available for purchase in person and online.

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