Business Incubation Centre – Montreal


BICThe Canada China Business Council Business Incubation Centre (BIC) in Montreal has one objective in mind – your business success. Our three-phase process was developed with the sole purpose of helping Chinese companies set up successful operations in Canada. Working with a broad network of public and private sector partners across Canada and China, our business incubation centre provides infrastructure and keep companies connected, informed and knowledgeable. We help you to get the right tools to refine your business model and work toward achieving your goals.




Physical Incubation Space M collage1

  • Provides office space for up to three staff members
  • Access to amenities, such as: Internet, printer, scanner, fax, etc.
  • Assistance by a SME Support Officer
  • Private conference room available for client meetings or planning sessions
  • Business mentoring program
  • Cost: C$2,000 per month

Virtual Incubation Space

  • Provides use of CCBC Montreal office mailing address with office # specified on the address
  • Access to a phone line and remote access voicemail service to be able to check messages in Canada from China
  • Conditioned access to photocopier and fax machine, depending on usage
  • Conditioned access to the Conference Room depending on availability up to a maximum of 10 hours per month. Additional usage will be charge at the rate of 25$ per hour
  • Cost: C$150/month
  • Access to CCBC’s subscriptions and library



Laurier Dubeau
Quebec Chapter Director

OFFICE   759 Square Victoria, RC4, Montreal, QC  H2Y 2K3

TEL          514.842.7837

MOBILE   514.978.0336