SNC-Lavalin and China Nuclear Power Engineering Corp.

SNC-Lavalin and China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation (CNPEC) have entered into a framework agreement to broaden their existing cooperation in the power sector to a wide variety of industries. The two companies are committed to making full use of their respective strengths and resources to secure ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT AND CONSTRUCTION opportunities as strategic partners. The agreement will leverage SNC-Lavalin’s know-how and expertise and allow SNC-Lavalin greater access to China-related project leads.


SNC-Lavalin 公司与中广核工程公司和中国核电工程公司签署全面战略合作协议表明,SNC-Lavalin与該公司的合作从常规电力扩展到整个能源及其它行业。双方将按照战略合作协议的约定,充分利用各自的资源和优势,在更广泛的范围内获取工程项目总承包的合作机会。战略合作协议立足各自的发展战略和发展方向,创新合作模式,为实现双方的互利共赢迈出了重要的一步。