Reporting Services

When contemplating doing business with a company in China, it is always advisable to do some homework on the company to ensure that things what you ask for is in fact what you are getting. Due diligence is essential, and CCBC can assist in these matters and provide services as follows:

Business Information Report

A general report on a company that includes the following:

– Registration information (tax numbers, shareholders, etc)

– History

– Business Scope

– Branding and certifications

– Sales revenues

– # of staff

– Public records (judgments awarded or action pending)

This report is a good indicator of a company’s general business dealings and setup. It does not however give a credit rating or financials unless it is a filed legal action. It also does not give a quality rating on the company’s products. That information would need to be done by a technical 3rd party service.

Please refer to our sample report

Costs for this service are $250 per report for CCBC members, $300 per report for CME members and $350 per report for non members. It takes roughly 10 working days for a report.

Due Diligence 

This is a very sweeping term but generally it refers to deeper information that a Business Information Report would provide. This deeper “drill down” of information would include but is not limited to:

Credit check

– Financial health

– Asset verification

– Shareholder or executive background checks

– Ensure that the company is not involved in bribery or corruption

– Identify potential conflicts of interest

– Identify the source of wealth of the individual or company?

Due to the varying nature of information needed, all requests will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Other reporting and Investigative Services

Many companies have a joint venture in China or have an equity position, where they do not have direct day to day control of operations, finance, etc. Services such as internal auditing, tax compliance and fraud investigation are available through CCBC as we use one of our third party partners. Again, pricing for such services is on a case by case basis.

Sourcing Consulting Services

Sourcing can be difficult as the process is both costly and time consuming. CCBC is able to offer a sourcing service whereas we are able to work with our various government partners in China to source up to 5 suppliers for a project or product. Each supplier has a short summary of their services as well as contact details.

Costs for this service are $650 per complete report for CCBC members, $750per complete report for CME members and $900 per report for non members. It takes roughly 10 working days for a report.

It is important to note that how you structure the request is also very important as the process uses databases and how they are searched and how good the information is depends on the accuracy of the request.

Please refer to our sample report.