Inner Mongolia “Maple Leaf Ranch” Resort


By Michael H.K. Wong Architects Inc. (加拿大黄雄溪建筑师事务所)

Inner Mongolia “Maple Leaf Ranch” Resort is a project with a total site area of approximately 10,000 mou (acres).  By using “Alberta Beef” and “Kobe Beef” as the key feature, the development intends to combine the Canadian experience of beef processing and production with the Canadian prairie life style vacation, leisure and tourism to create a new ranch style resort in Inner Mongolia. The total floor area of this project is approximately 130,000 m² and the total investment is RMB ¥900-1,600 Million.  The total consulting fees will be approximately Can.$6-8 million and the export value of Canadian products and equipments is expected to be Can.$20-40 million.