Genesus Inc.

Genesus Genetics is the world leader in hyper prolific gilts being produced from the largest registered purebred herd in the world. Our teams of geneticists and meat scientists have been the back bone that has allowed hundreds of our customers to produce more than 25 Pigs Weaned per Sow in a calendar year and put our top herds over 30 Pigs Weaned per Sow per Year (PWSY). 


* Genesus registers 40.5% of all registered purebred breeding stock in Canada

* Genesus nucleus primary genetics consist of registered Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc

* Genesus swine health is excellent, meeting and exceeding all veterinarian and export-import demand

* The GenesusDuroc Terminal Sire has dominated in independent studies on growth rate, feed conversion and carcass characteristics. Genesus market hogs have high packer acceptance.

* Genesus is owned and operated by the principals of the company.