ClevrU and China Unicom Beijing sign Memorandum of Understanding to offer subscribers educational content using ClevrU’s delivery platform.

ClevrU Corporation  – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 

Beijing, China – February 9, 2012 –  China Unicom Beijing and ClevrU Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding today in Beijing China witnessed by the Prime Minister of Canada, Steven Harper, to work together on a field trial to offer subscribers access to on-demand educational content using ClevrU’s intelligent and adaptive delivery platform. 


It is the intention of ClevrU and China Unicom Beijing to develop a long-term strategic partnership under China Unicom Beijing’s WO+ Project to develop the mobile on-line teaching market.  China Unicom Beijing will provide marketing and service launch assistance, system and client feedback, and business model development.


Dana Fox President and CEO ClevrU Corporation said “ClevrU is excited to work with China Unicom Beijing on the opportunity to jointly launch ClevrU’s educational platform into the mobile online education market.” Fox went on to say that, “the need to provide greater access to quality education services in the Chinese consumer education market is great and our strategic partners like China Unicom Beijing make it possible.”


About ClevrU Corporation


ClevrU is focused on WEB 3.0 applications that intelligently leverage Cloud Computing in a mobile environment. ClevrU has developed an e-teaching content delivery platform with advanced tools to assist in interactive teaching and student/instructor collaboration. This application uses an intelligent engine to adapt course content to users personal needs in a mobile environment. ClevrU is initially focused on international education markets. ClevrU’s technology combines video e-teaching with semantic based intelligent social network tools for educational institutions universities and colleges, cellular phone/ tablet computer manufacturers and cellular carriers to deliver course content to students anywhere, anytime. ClevrU branded the platform ClevrU EDU and registered a patent pending on its Intelligent Collaborative Platform Technology. 


About China Unicom Beijing


China Unicom Beijing is a subsidiary of China Unicom. By the end of 2008, China Unicom had 273 million subscribers, among which the broadband subscribers totaled 30.16 million, GSM subscribers 133 million and fixed-line (including PHS) subscribers 109 million. China Unicom was among the Top 500 in the world in terms of its revenue, and ranked in the top of the world leading telecom operators in terms of its customer base and market capitalization of its listed company.


Aiming at providing comprehensive and high-quality broadband communications and information services for customers, China Unicom has been speeding up the construction of mobile communications network, strengthening the development of fixed broadband network, and promoting broadband-based fixed and mobile networks. Committed to raising its overall competitiveness and sustainable development capacity and becoming a world leading provider of broadband communications and information services, China Unicom will further enhance the development of its services, expand its business scope and improve the quality of service while adhering to the market-oriented and customer-focused principle and emphasizing the development of mobile broadband Internet services.



Dana Fox


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“ClevrU很高兴有机会与北京中国联通公司,共同发展移动网络教育市场, 在中国提供更多优质教育服务的机会正在增加,我们的中国伙伴 -北京中国联通公司协助实现了这些机会。” ClevrU公司首席执行官兼总裁 达纳福克斯说。


ClevrU 专注于Web 3.0的应用程序,利用云计算提供智能在移动环境中的先进在线教育平台,以协助互动式教学和提供学生/教师之间协作。此应用程序具有智能性特色,以满足用户在移动环境下的个人需求。 ClevrU最初发展集中在国际教育市场。 ClevrU的技术结合了电子教学视频与基于语义搜寻的智能化社交网络技术,结合大学和学院,手机/平板电脑制造商和移动运营商提供课程内容,使学生随时随地的满足个人学习需求。 ClevrU公司的教育平台ClevrU EDU以及待智能协作平台技术都注册了专利。